Kirsten’s Marantz 2010 Restoration

I love these baby Marantz receivers so when this one was shipped to us for restoration I couldn’t help but take a few pictures. The 20xx series are built on a smaller chassis and are much more compact then the typical 22xx or 23xx receiver. They are Japanese like their big brothers and are usually […]

John’s Luxman L-507 Integrated Amp Restoration

This is a rare amplifier from Luxman and was one of the finest pieces of audio from Japan in the 1970’s. The amp is in near flawless condition but was suffering some of the issues that come with 40yr old parts. The owner was describing distortion in one channel and on arrival we noticed a […]

Linn Lingo Turntable Power Supply Restoration / Upgrade

One of our technicians purchased a Linn LP12 which came with a Linn Lingo external power supply. This unit being from 1990 and pushing the 30yr mark he decided to go ahead and swap out all the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply. Linn used high end parts in their gear and the new components […]

Dynaco Mark III restoration and modification

Recently we had an original owner pair of Dynaco Mark III amplifiers brought to us for restoration and modification. The amps had been serviced recently elsewhere and the work done was trivial compared to what was actually needed. Both monoblocks had their original multisection can capacitors, tubes, coupling capacitors, and still utilizing the selenium rectifier […]

Rick’s Pioneer Spec 4 Power Amplifier

It was a pleasure to do some restoration work on such a nice top of the line Pioneer power amp. This SPEC 4 amp was sent to HV HiFi from Virginia and on early visual inspection we found venting filter capacitors. This has been becoming the norm for many of these big amps from the […]

Rich’s Marantz 2285b Receiver Restoration

This Marantz 2285b was flown in to HV HiFI for restoration and is a wonderful candidate. The entire dial lighting is out which will be replaced with our warm white LED package, and the normal component replacement on the signal path boards done. These are “dual power supply” receivers made in the late 70’s and […]

Ed’s Sansui 6060 Restoration

This Sansui 6060 was purchased by Ed and he wanted the unit restored. After the work I’m glad he did since the receiver sounds as great as it looks. First up was the amplifier board. New Panasonic capacitors, low leakage caps replaced with stacked film, and bipolar caps replaces with Nichicon ES. The two pairs […]

Vintage vs Modern Audio : Which is right for you?

This topic comes up so very often in web forums and blogs usually sparking strong opinions. Which is better to own, vintage audio or modern audio gear? There are pros and cons to both and maybe I can put some questions to bed on the topic. Whenever you are making a decision to buy a […]

Bruce’s Marantz 2270 Restoration

Really happy to bring this poor 2270 back from the dead and then gave it the works. Receiver arrived completely dead blowing the main fuse. Powering up on a variable transformer it was drawing close to 1A at 25vAC. As expected shorted outputs on both sides. This unit was a 14xxx serial number so had […]

Doug’s Sansui 881 Receiver Restoration

Just finishing up this excellent Sansui 881 that is a very well built piece of equipment. These receivers preceded the x0x0 and G series Sansui but I feel are every bit as good if not better. There is a large board next to the power transformer in which the power supply and protection circuit reside. […]

Sandy’s Marantz 3300 Preamp

Another great piece of Marantz history a 3300 preamp. This unit has a power supply mounted in the middle of the chassis to the bottom plate and three boards that have pins to connect to the main board running behind the faceplate. The pins should be cleaned well and lubricated to remove any oxidation and […]

Peter D’s Marantz 2270 Restoration

Received this vintage Marantz 2270 receiver to track down the cause of distortion in one channel when playing. There was a combination of issues with the receiver and since it is in very good condition restoration work was requested to get the unit back up to original operating specs. The 2270 is a very nice […]

Sandy’s Marantz 3200 Preamplifier refurbish

Been some time since I posted a project and this one is a good one to show off. I received this Marantz 3200 preamp for some restoration work and really like the compact design and layout of the unit. When top and bottom cover are removed the power supply, protection, and phono preamp are easily […]

Mike’s Pioneer SX-626

This little Pioneer receiver arrived in need of repair. Distortion was present in both channels and amplifier was not producing proper levels of gain. After some testing the power supply was found to be failing. The lighting was in need of some help in which an LED conversion was planned. First up was the power […]

Tim’s Marantz 2275 repair and refurb

This week started off with a very nice Marantz 2275 in for repair and restoration. The receiver was in stuck in protection and it was easy to see why when DC offset was checked. Since the speaker protection relay would not engage I tested at the relay itself. The left amp channel was putting out […]

Kevin’s Pioneer SX-1500TD Receiver Refurb

So haven’t posted a rebuild in awhile since I’ve been very busy so this is long overdue. I had this very nice old late 60’s era Pioneer SX-1500TD dropped off to bring her back to life. This was the top of the line model in its time and was rated at a whopping 58wpc into […]

John’s McIntosh MAC 4100

This McIntosh MAC 4100 came in for a bench test and control cleaning. The amp section was found to be putting out less power than spec and hard clipping early. A good reconditioning was done and the receiver will break in for several hours before going home. A mix of the highest quality audio capacitors […]

Anthony’s Pioneer SX-727 Restoration

This very nice early 70’s Pioneer SX-727 was dropped off for a bench test and a thorough restoration. There was some minor noise before most likely from the power supply section which should be worked out with a capacitor replacement. Every section of the receiver was serviced except the tuners since they are working properly […]

Rick’s Pioneer SX-1050 Restoration

Another big Pioneer receiver on the bench and this one is a beast. Pioneer SX-1050 120wpc monster. The receiver was ran up to over 120w and produced clean sine and square waves. Rick would like some preventative maintenance done which I completely agree with to keep this amp playing for many more years. So far […]

Juan’s Fisher 500c electrical restoration complete

More parts came in to finish off the electronic work in this Fisher 500c. The power supply was finished with the filter can caps being restuffed with new Nichicon PZ series caps, new bridge rectifier, and new diodes. The phono and preamp film caps were replaced with Sprague 715 orange drops. Previously, the coupling caps […]