This little Pioneer receiver arrived in need of repair. Distortion was present in both channels and amplifier was not producing proper levels of gain. After some testing the power supply was found to be failing. The lighting was in need of some help in which an LED conversion was planned.

First up was the power supply. Extensive work was done here.

Pioneer SX-626 Power Supply Before

Pioneer SX-626 Power Supply After


Phono Preamp

Pioneer SX-626 Phono Preamp Before

Pioneer SX-626 Phono Preamp After



Pioneer SX-626 Preamp Before

Pioneer SX-626 Preamp After



Pioneer SX-626 Amp Before

Pioneer SX-626 Amp After


There was one dial lamp and three out of six indication lamps that worked. The dial lamps, meter lamp, source indication, and stereo lamp were changed out with LEDs which will create no heat, use less current, and last nearly a lifetime in the receiver. The photos are deceiving as the LEDs are not as bright as they seem and are a nice sharp light. The only lamp that cannot be converted is the dial pointer lamp which is a very small micro lamp, and was replaced on this receiver.

Pioneer SX-626 Lamps Before

Pioneer SX-626 Lamps After

2 Responses

  1. I have this receiver and love it. I was listening to the radio one day and all was fine and then the radio just quit!! Everything else works fine, i get signals on the meter but no sound. I have the correct antenna and as i said, the radio was great, always pulled strong stations until it went silent.


    Exellent site by the way.


    1. Thanks Ben. Sounds like possibly an adjustment issue but there is no way I could tell without seeing the unit. Also, possible there is a failed component. If you are local, would be happy to look at it for you.