Pre-owned and Demo Equipment for Sale

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Totem Acoustic Tribe Tower - High Gloss Dusk (Pre-Owned)
Pioneer SX-1050 Vintage Receiver (Restored)
Fisher 500c Tube Receiver (Restored)
Fisher X202C w/FM100C Tuner
Dynaco MK3 Monoblock Tube Amplifiers **SOLD**
Accuphase E-202 Integrated Amplifier (Restored)
Monitor Audio Bronze W10 Subwoofer (Preowned)

Recently SOLD Items

Marantz PM-14S1 Integrated Amp **SOLD**
Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Phono Preamplifier ***SOLD***
Rogue Audio Cronus ***SOLD***
AQ Red River 1M XLR ***SOLD***
Pro-Ject P1.2 Turntable ***SOLD***
AQ Rocket 88 14FT Single Bi Wire Banana ***SOLD***
Rotel A14 Integrated Amplifier ***SOLD***
Decware DM945 Speakers w/ Monolith Stands ***SOLD***
Totem Acoustic Black Mite Speakers ***SOLD***
Rega RX3 Speakers ***SOLD***
Marantz 104 Tuner ***SOLD***
Totem Acoustic Hawk Speakers ***SOLD***
Marantz SA-14S1 SACD Player **SOLD**
Rogers High Fidelity 65V-1 Integrated Amplifier ***SOLD***
Rogue Audio Dragon Amplifier ***SOLD***
DH Labs "Revelation" Silver Sonic IC 1M XLR ***SOLD***
Rega Saturn Compacr Disc Player ***SOLD***
Marantz TT15s1 Turntable ***SOLD***
Nakamichi CR-2A Cassette Deck ***SOLD***
SAE 220 Power Amp ***SOLD***
Naim Supernait 3 Integrated Amplifier (Pre-owned) ***SOLD***
B&W CM1 Speakers ***SOLD***
Marantz Model 33 Preamp ***SOLD***
Sonus Faber Concertino Bookshelf Speakers***SOLD***
SAE 3100 Power Amp ***SOLD***
Dynaco MK3 Monoblock Tube Amplifiers **SOLD**
Peachtree Decco Nova ***SOLD***
Rega White Planar 3 with Ortofon 2m Blue ***SOLD***
Monitor Audio Silver 200 - Walnut ***SOLD***
AQ Water 2M XLR ***SOLD***
Marantz SR6013 ***SOLD***
Stanton T.90 USB Turntable ***SOLD***
Sansui AU-717 Integrated Amp ***SOLD***
Martin Logan Electromotion ESL Speakers (Pre-owned) ***SOLD***
NAD 7175PE Integrated Amplifier ***SOLD***
Carver MXR-900 Receiver ***SOLD***
Carver CT-17 Tuner/Preamp TFM-22 Amplifier ***SOLD***
KEF LS-50W Wireless Speakers (Pre-owned) ***SOLD***