I love these baby Marantz receivers so when this one was shipped to us for restoration I couldn’t help but take a few pictures. The 20xx series are built on a smaller chassis and are much more compact then the typical 22xx or 23xx receiver. They are Japanese like their big brothers and are usually low powered; this one is 10wpc. One would think smaller would be easier to refurbish but it is actually the total opposite. Some of these boards need to have wires removed to get to the backside and work. 

First up was power supply and on to the phono stage and preamp. Wima stacked film on the input of each board lowers the noise floor and is super reliable for future use. Good high temp, high reliability caps in the power supply and filtering positions adds to that reliability. Phono stage transistors replaced with new Fairchild transistors matched for gain.

On to the preamp, sorry no before pic.

Lastly, on to the amplifier with new capacitors and 2200uf coupling capacitors. The main filter cap behind the amp was also replaced with a 4700uf Nichicon low ESR cap.

The faceplate and knobs had the typical amount on finger gunk on them which we cleaned up and polished. The dial and meter lamps were replaced with warm white LEDs along with the Stereo beacon. The receiver will play for several days and rechecked before going back home.