Here is a list of common transistors found in vintage audio and their modern day substitution. Be forewarned *** not all substitutions are appropriate all the time***. Attention must be paid to how the transistor is being used and it’s requirements in the circuit. This list is a valuable starting point. Also, for all transistors incorrect pin out placement is a very common problem. For example, just because it was an EBC pin out on the vintage transistor, the sub may be different. Sometimes different production runs of modern transistors have different pin outs. I will add to this as I do restorations. If you have any subs you would like to share please email me or leave a comment below and I will add it. If you find an incorrect sub please let me know. Enjoy!

2SA489a —> KSB596Y

2SA493 —> KSA992
2SA497 —> KSA1013
2SA606 —> 2N5416
2SA628 —> KSA1013 *watch pin outs
2SA640 —> KSA992
2SA720 —> KSA1013 or KSA1220 *check voltages
2SA722 —> KSA992
2SA725 —> KSA992
2SA726 —> KSA992
2SA733 —> KSA733 or KSA992
2SA763 —> KSA992
2SB507 —> KSA940 or MJE15033G
2SB536 —> KSA940
2SB539 —> MJ21193G
2SC458 —> KSC1845
2SC485 —> KSC1845 / KSC2073
2SC497 —> KSC2383
2SC693 —> KSC1845
2SC732 —> KSC1845
2SC789a —>¬†KSD526Y
2SC793 —> MJ21194G
2SC857 —> KSC2310
2SC869 —> KSC2310
2SC870 —> KSC1845
2SC871 —> KSC1845
2SC905 —> KSD1616
2SC945 —> KSC2383 or KSC945
2SC959 —> 2N3440
2SC984 —> KSC2383
2SC1000 —> KSC1845
2SC1124 —> KSC2690
2SC1212 —> KSC2690
2SC1213 —> KSC2383
2SC1222 —> KSC1845
2SC1312 —> KSC1845
2SC1313 —> KSC1845
2SC1318 —> KSC2690
2SC1328 —> KSC1845
2SC1344 —> KSC1845
2SC1345 —> KSC1845
2SC1364 —> KSC2383
2SC1384 —> KSC2690
2SC1416 —> KSC1845
2SC1451 —> KSC3503
2SC1515 —> KSC2310
2SC1624 —> MJE15030G
2SC1775 —> KSC1845
2SD287 —> MJ21194G
2SD313 —> KSC2073 or MJE15032G
2SD325 —> KSC2073
2SD381 —> KSC2073
2SD712 —> KSC2073