Juan’s Fisher 500C Pre Restoration Inspection

Recently I picked up this Fisher 500c from a local friend who wants the receiver completely restored and brought back to factory spec. It is one of my favorite tube receivers with a 12ax7 front end and 7591 outputs. This is one of earliest multiplex FM sections. This restoration will take considerable time and will […]

Pioneer QX-646 repair

Recently a Pioneer QX-646 was dropped off for diagnosing distortion when playing LPs through the phono preamp. The noise was described accurately as a static, crackling noise that was only present in the phono mode and occasionally in aux mode. The receiver was tested for output and then signal path was traced to determine the […]

Marantz 2270 Restoration

A new version of our Marantz 2270 restoration can be view by clicking here. Recently I was sent a pair of Marantz 2270 stereo receivers for restoration work. The receivers were close in serial numbers and in good shape. They were never serviced and both seemed to “work”. After some output testing before service it […]