In for restoration service is Leslie from Long Island’s Pioneer SX-1010. This is a one owner receiver that is in excellent condition and will be having a very thorough restoration to keep it reliable for more years of enjoyment. The receiver was serviced once before for noisy controls and it apparently had some power supply work done at that time. A few electrolytic caps were replaced on the PS and it appears that one has already failed again. It looks like someone had broken a few of the clips that hold the board down. They need to be squeezed with a pair of small pliers and worked slowly and carefully off. Old brittle plastic needs extra care. One was replaced with a zip tie to hold the board in place, but there are better ways of securing the board.

The rest of the receiver looks all original. The amp section is still putting out near factory spec power however the power supply’s test point are quite a bit off. Below are a few before shots. Notice the red marks on the power supply’s electrolytics; someone was there before. The blue / black smaller caps were replacements. That board will get new Nichicon PW series electrolytics, voltage regulators, transistors, and zener diodes. Will post more after shots soon.







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