This post should have been a week ago but would like to start with it to show the path this restore took. Last post about this amp I removed the amp boards and changed the electrolytics, a few common problem transistors, and tested the driver and output transistors. Next stop was the power supply and this board answered why the amp was having trouble. Many of the electrolytics were blown open and dried up. One in particular blew apart at the caps legs and was no longer attached at the cathode end. This board looks very stressed, possibly overheated and probably the catalyst of the out channel.

I started rebuilding the board and am noticing many of the resistors are burnt up as well. This board will need more extensive work and I am sure it cause damage to the preamp board which is next. Progress slowed way down on this amp when more parts were ordered and had to wait for arrival. Soon will post some before and afters of these two boards and hopefully a revival of the amp.

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