Since my huge parts order will not be here until Tuesday I decided I would put a little time into the Pioneer SX-636 and rebuild the power supply. It will also get upgrades to the preamp, amp, EQ, and amp board but I only had an hour or so. So here a quick rundown :

Replaced all electrolytics with Nichicon PW series caps except for orange low imp cap which I replaced with Nichicon KL. Replaced voltage regulator with KSC2073 and applied thermal paste between transistor and heat sink even though original did not. Pulled one leg of diodes to test and all in check. Cap size is much smaller than original. Here is a before and after shot.



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  1. I have a Pioneer SX-636 that needs help. Dial lights are mostly out. It makes lots of noise when I turn on the tuner. I assume it needs a rebuild. I ran across your blogs about having rebuilt one yourself. I can use a soldering iron and would like to take on this project myself and bring this receiver back to life. Any chance I could get some guidance, and a line on parts?

    Thanks, Mike

    1. Hi Mike, I can offer you as much guidance as I can. Do you have a service manual for the receiver? How about desoldering tools? A digital multimeter?

      1. I have a service manual I got from online on a pdf file. I only have a soldering iron, and I do have a multi meter.

        1. You will need some sort of desoldering tool. Desoldering can be more difficult then soldering your new components in. I prefer a Hakko 808 but that is too expensive for the hobbyist. Radio shack makes a desoldering iron which has a heated nozzle and a bulb that is tedious but works.

          If you want an easier reply drop me an email,

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