This would make a great budget turntable, and an inexpensive but quality way to step into a Thorens turntable. This TD-115 is fitted with a brand new Ortofon Omega cartridge, already mounted and aligned, and it is ready to take home and be enjoyed!



The Thorens TD 115 is a medium-price semiautomatic record player featuring the Thorens TP30 low-mass “Isotrack” tonearm originally introduced on the top-of-the-line Model TD 126. instead of having  a plugin cartridge mount or shell at its free end, the TP30 is designed to have the cartridge fastened permanently in place, and the entire arm plugs into a socket located close to the pivots. This concentrates the arm mass closer to the pivots, where is contributes less to the total effective mass seen by the cartridge. The arm itself is a light, slim, straight tube with a minimum of cartridge-mounting surface at its free end. It is pivoted on low-friction jewel bearings, and its rated effective mass of only 7,5 grams (without cartridge) is less than half that of most record-player arms.

 Like the other Thorens turntables, the TD 115 employs a belt-drive system. Its 2,5 pound cast zinc-alloy platter is driven at either 33-1/3 or 45 rpm by a D.C. servo-motor whose speed is regulated by a seventy-two-pole tachometer generator. The TD 115 incorporates an “automatic pitch control” system intended to correct the motor speed for the effects of drag from a record-cleaning brush or similar accessory.
From the block diagram of the motor drive circuit , it appears that this system monitors the motor current senses the increased current  when the motor is loaded more heavily, and increases the drive to maintain proper speed.  The speed of the electronically controlled motor can be varied over a nominal ±6% range by a vernier control. The tonearm, completely free in normal operation, has an optical velocity-trip mechanism that lifts it at the end of a record. The arm must be returned to its rest manually, and the motor must be shut off by the user. The entire turntable and arm system is floated from the main chassis (to which the motor is fastened) on four damped springs.
Drive System:  1-step Belt-drive
Motor:  DC motor with 72-pole tachogenerator
Speeds:  33-1/3 and 45 rpm, electronic speed selection
Motor Speed Control:  Electronic regulation with load correcting automatic pitch control
Pitch Control:  ±6% illuminated stroboscope
Turntable Platter:
Weight:  1,3 kg zinc-alloy dynamically balanced
Diameter:  300 mm (12″)
Wow and Flutter:  less than 0,05% according to DIN 45507
Unweighted:  -48 dB according to DIN 45539
Weighted:  -68 dB according to DIN 45539
Tonearm TP30
Cartridge wand TP70
Tonearm Length:  222 mm (8-3/4″)
Effective Mass:  7,5 g
Stylus Overhang:  15,5 mm (39/64″)
Offset Angle:  23°
Lateral Tracking Error:  less than or equal to 0,18°/cm of radius
Skating Compensation:  magnetic force without friction
Stylus Pressure Appliance:  setting scale on the counterweight
Bearing Friction:  less than or equal to 0,15 mN (15 mp) in both planes
Capacitance of Cable:  230 pF ±10%
Mains Voltage:  117 / 220 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:  5 watt
Dimensions (W x D):  445 x 355 mm (17-1/2″ x 14″)
Dust cover closed/ opened:  130 mm (5-1/8″) / 400 mm (15-3/4″)
Net Weight:  7 kg (15-1/2 lbs)