Pioneer SX-3600 Receiver ***SOLD***

before cleaning

Pioneer SX-3600 Stereo Receiver

This is one receiver from the “fluoroscan series” that pioneer released early 80’s. Featuring the bright blue signal strength meter and two blue bar style output meters this unit looks very cool in a darkened room. Very conservatively rated from the manufacturer at 30wpc/8ohms this receiver drove a large pair of modern bookshelf speakers with excellent clarity and power. Cosmetically this unit is excellent with very few if any scratches and nothing missing or damaged. The only noticeable small scratch on the unit in on the top of the receiver on the aluminum where to face plate meet the top faux wood metal cover. This can be seen in the first picture. The faux wood sides are in good shape the veneer is very slightly parting on the right side but not very noticeable, I am very picky.

The receiver was cleaned inside and out. Controls work very well with no noise. Selection buttons and all sources work well. Knobs and dials were cleaned and are nicely reflective especially in a dark room when the unit is lit up. All lamps are in working order and the unit is very bright. Sound is very smooth unlike many solid state receivers that sound very “digital”. I have heard this unit described before at tubular sounding and I agree.

This receiver will be sold with a hard original copy of the owner’s manual as well as a digital copy of both the owner’s and service manual. Below are several actual pictures of the receiver after cleaning and prep.

Price : ***SOLD***

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