This SUT was part of a collection we received. It is one of the few things left, as we were going to keep this device on hand for testing purposes. It is time to let someone else enjoy this with the moving coil cartridge! Made in Denmark, this is a great high end SUT to match a wide range of low-output moving coil carts.



The T-20 transformer has been engineered on the same principle as the T-30 so it offers a high performance level.

Designed essentially for use with Ortofon moving coil cartridges, which have an internal impedance of 3 ohm per channel, it can also be used with cartridges of different manufacture in the 2 to 4 ohm range.

The T-20 includes a bypass position for switching between moving coil and magnetic cartridges.


Type of unit: transformer

Pick up impedance: 2 to 4 ohm

Output loading: 47k ohm / 150pf

Frequency response: 10Hz to 60kHz

Phase linearity: +-18 degrees

Gain: 32dB

Channel balance: 0.2dB

Channel separation: 50dB

Transformer type: toroidal

Shielding: permalloy + soft iron